Essi started out as a hobby project. Where we made Birth Posters for friends and family as gifts for a memory of the little new.
Slowly, the interest of the closest social circle grew and desires for designing on the desktop landed. And with that, the idea of ​​Essi was born.
Essi started on Instagram, but with a background in coding and graphic design, it became natural to follow up with a webshop.
In June 2019 we launched the webshop and big dreams were realized.
At Essi we design all our posters ourselves. We have an agreement with the local printer and thus we can follow the process from ‘cloud’ to ‘print’. In this way we ensure that the products meet our high standards and your wishes.
In this way we can keep costs down as we avoid renting square meters for storage and at the same time always deliver posters for the style of the time.