Do you want a unique design? Or a minor adjustment? A lot can be done – do you have questions – please write to us at:

Special ordering of posters

We get some requests for special ordering of posters – which of course we are really happy about. The thing is that it takes time and therefore costs extra if you want to order a unique poster with your own text or image.

Light fixes for our posters

Have you fallen in love with one of our posters – but you might not like the text? Then we can offer to correct the text, provided you select a text that is approx. same size. We can also offer small corrections such as removing an item in the poster or adjusting a color. You can write to us here with your inquiry: Typically, DKK 150 is added to the original price of the poster for such corrections.

Bigger fixes or custom designs

Would you like to design your very own poster? Or made major fixes for one of Essi’s designs? Then we can help you too. If you otherwise have a good idea of ​​what poster you want designed, simply send all info to our customer service mail – then we will return with a price. You can write to us here with your inquiry: The price varies a lot, but the minimum price for a special order is DKK 300, – on top of the original price on the poster.

Since design is a matter of taste, one must expect some discrepancy between one’s own idea and Essi’s design. One final transaction is included in the additional price, but the additional price increases further by 50, – for each subsequent transaction.